React.JS I use react because of how easy it makes building UIs whether complex or a rather simple one. Rather than start building projects with react only though, immediately I got the basics of react, I stepped into using Next.JS. Using Next.JS rather makes a lot of my task quite easier and manageable. With a lot of config and optimizations for image static site generation, it seemed much more natural to use Next.JS than create-react-app.
Vue.JS Well after discovering Next.JS and even though I had dived into Vue.JS before with Gwen Faraday's Vue.JS tutorials, I still wasn't convinced to leave Next.JS. I recently decided to try Nuxt.JS and I think I really like it especially the @nuxt/content module with which I have built the content of this site (achievements, blog,...). So this site is basically built with Nuxt.JS.
Svelte I wouldn't say I have built a lot with Svelte only tried it so far. It seemed rather sleek, very fast and easy to use/learn as compared to the other two, I am beginning to really love it but I mean I still can't leave Next.JS right? Well, not straight away. So looking forward to building some real exciting projects with Svelte quite soon, hopefully it peeks my interest and I leave Next.JS, lol, as if!
TailwindCSS Of course this weird unpolished site is built with tailwindcss. I absolutely love this framework, maybe more than Nuxt.JS, lol. It just allows me to easily build UIs with little to no need to come up with design system. In teams for instance it makes it easy as we use components to separate each part of the UI so if there's the need to edit any part of the UI at all, just visit that component and edit the classes. It's exciting and more so their latest version 3 which is used in this project. Please don't mind my bad UI skill here, lol, I just did this after I woke up. Tailwind is absolutely awesome and I would recommend for any frontend engineer to begin projects with.


Laravel I actually started building websites with laravel and it's still a tool I really do love. I wish I could still stay with it but I decided to use it mostly for building APIs and even though I can still write Vue and React in a laravel project, I find that quite odd so decided to move on and learn React.JS. I still use laravel though and I really love it. It's getting rather exciting with new applications from Livewire and Inertia JS to build Single Page Applications. Laravel's future is looking rather great if I must say, so I still keep it in my toolbox for mostly APIs.

Cloud Tools

Terraform When I started in the cloud I was always using the cloud consoles or the CLI to build applications and resources. Not until we had a project that required quite a lot of work and resources that I decided to look to infrastructure automation and then terraform was also lurking around. I love terraform and I hope to probably work there one day,lol, as if! Anyways I really love the hashicorp products including Packer, they are a savior in the cloud automation process.
Cloud Native Tools (GCP) I started building cloud applications in google cloud so obviously I know much more about them than I do about the other cloud providers but these are the tools I use often on google cloud: CLOUD BUILD, CLOUD RUN, COMPUTE ENGINE, CLOUD SOURCE REPO, CLOUD STORAGE, CLOUD SQL, CLOUD PUB-SUB, CLOUD FUNCTIONS, well and a few other cloud appliction deployment tools. I have dabled with GKE but not that quite often.
Cloud Native Tools (AWS) AWS has a bazooka collection of services that never seems to end, almost everyday if I were to visit my AWS console, would probably see a service I haven't used or heard about before. It's quite exciting, these are the tools I have used on AWS: CODECOMMIT, CODEBUILD, CLOUD FORMATION, API GATEWAY, LAMBDA,EC2, CLOUD 9*, CODESTAR, ROUTE53 and a few other ones here and there. Can't recall everything.
Cloud Native Tools (AZURE) Well, azure does have some great tools but there isn't much I have done with azure. I would probably say creating blobs and azure acs are the only common tools I am used to on Azure. I have used other tools like their Virtual machine service, managing subscriptions and resources groups for holding resources but not much. I am hoping in 2022 to do more with azure.